Software support

We can offer you a SAS all in one platform that fully supports the IFRS 17 standard with all required calculation methods. We can offer the implementation services and actuarial skills to make your transition as smooth as possible.


We offer a consultancy services on upcoming IFRS17 standard and other consulting services related to insurance contracts and combined with the software solution we can guarantee you a full support for the compliancy demands.

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Why choose us and what will you get with SAS IFRS 17 solution:

1. What will you get

Preparing data is of a crucial requirement for the upcoming IFRS17 standard. From data management to the required calculations and reporting, it’s an integrated solution that supports all the required approaches you need to successfully implement IFRS 17, including the generation of postings, process management and governance.

2. Why sas

It facilitates the tracking of results and metrics in a timely manner, addresses regulatory requirements and enables collaboration among actuaries, risk managers and finance. It protects insurers’ investments in actuarial, accounting and related solutions by integrating important IFRS 17 capabilities – from the orchestration of data and analytics to reporting of risk and profitability.

3. Unique solution for everyone

SAS Regulatory Content for IFRS 17 provides a single, comprehensive compliance platform for users of all disciplines – accountants, actuaries and IT.

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